What We Do

We believe that people have tremendous potential and can achieve great things, given the opportunity. Opportunity springs from having mentors to help navigate difficult decisions, a safe place to save money, a network of like-minded entrepreneurs and civic leaders, education that leads to a job. Since our founding in 1999, we have been supporting people around the world to take advantage of these opportunities and advance their social and economic well-being.


We are a results-driven development consulting firm founded on the principles of social entrepreneurship. We work with partner organizations to build their capacity to support the people they serve—from the smallholder farmers who feed the planet to the young leaders and entrepreneurs who shape our communities.


Our public- and private-sector clients benefit from our expertise and our broad industry exposure. Over the past 16 years, our work has taken us to 55 countries. We have supported partners in Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and the Americas in their efforts to achieve positive change in a range of sectors – youth developmentagriculture and food security, nutrition, entrepreneurship and enterprise development, financial inclusion, and workforce development. Our tailored curricula and technical assistance provide young leaders with the skills to be more effective; assist electronic payments companies to deliver financial advice via mobile phones to new customers; and support agricultural extension agents in helping poor farmers turn their subsistence farms into profitable businesses. 


We have also become a leading knowledge management provider through our demand-driven Knowledge Management platform that supports a growing global network of donors, multinational companies, and NGOs. More than 5,000 members use this platform to access concrete and transferable information to inform the design, implementation, and evaluation of high-impact youth economic opportunity programs, policies, and partnerships. Our annual Global Youth Economic Opportunities Summit is the “go to” event in this space, and our online learning hub  offers a wide array of tools and resources to members year-round. The Summit also convenes private-sector leaders who are committed to using a “shared value” approach to address youth unemployment globally. We invite you to join our stakeholder network and benefit from these resources.


We are looking to work with clients and partners who seek real and lasting change in the lives of the people they serve. If this sounds like you, please be in touch. We appreciate the chance to “co-create” and apply our experience and our keen interest in innovation to help people live productive, healthy lives.





Making Cents International is a women-owned small business.