Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Program



Save the Children (USAID)


West Bank and Gaza


Youth in the West Bank and Gaza face disproportionately high unemployment rates and do not receive the skills training they need to obtain employment. Formal educational institutions lack quality curricula to impart on students the skills they need to become successful workforce entrants.


Making Cents International worked with TVET League members and other key stakeholders to increase the quality and relevance of TVET courses, including by developing two new, non-credit courses, with enrichments, for all four levels of institutions. These hands-on, semester-long (15-hour) courses build work readiness as well as financial literacy and life skills.  


We emphasized building local capacity, addressing critical gaps in offerings to young people, and drawing on internal and external research and curricula to develop new training materials that foster ongoing learning. Our curriculum design drew upon participants’ experience and incorporated a variety of activities for audio, visual, and kinesthetic learning. We ensured that curriculum development was needs based as well as market driven, and that participants acquired the knowledge, skills, and attitudes required to improve livelihoods.