The Power of Girl Networks



EngenderHealth and Population Council (Nike Foundation)



Project Overview

Making Cents International supported the needs of more than 3,000 indigenous girls and young women participating in the “The Power of Girl Networks: Guatemala Network to Connect and Empower the Poorest and Most Excluded Indigenous Girls” project. We helped refine current training materials, so that the indigenous young women and girls (ages of 8-12 and 13-17) receive a culturally relevant and market-driven curriculum to help them make healthier decisions for themselves and their daughters.


Specifically, we reviewed, tested, and streamlined the existing training content offered by EngenderHealth and the Population Council and supported the development of a revised training curriculum.  The revised curriculum was aimed at improving the age/gender/cultural appropriateness of the approach. In addition to tailoring the curriculum, we refined how the training was delivered to end users. To that end, we trained young, indigenous female leaders on how to effectively train other girls, recognizing the skills and approaches older girls themselves draw on and the available time girls in indigenous communities can dedicate to the training.