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We promote positive youth development by providing young people with the knowledge and skills they need to fulfill their potential. We work with local partners to design asset-based interventions and deliver demand-driven products and services that increase young people’s ability to obtain meaningful work, engage in value chains, access finance, and become leaders in their communities.

We believe that women are key actors in improving household livelihoods and industry competitiveness, and that their active economic participation enables societies to grow and achieve results across economic and social indicators. We develop realistic and locally relevant gender-inclusion strategies, support women-owned and women-operated businesses and the entrepreneurial ecosystem in which they operate, and build the skills and self-confidence of adolescent girls and young women to empower them to make decisions about their economic and social well-being.

Women's Empowerment logo.png

We build capacity of smallholder farmers – men, women, and youth – through market-driven solutions that facilitate their inclusion in productive and profitable value chains. Our capacity-building methodology integrates climate-smart approaches and nutrition messaging to achieve sustainable behavior change and increase farmers’ resiliency to shocks.

We equip aspiring entrepreneurs – youth and adults alike – with the tools they need to identify and take advantage of viable business opportunities and successfully navigate the market. Our targeted technical assistance to local enterprises helps them increase their competitiveness and develop market linkages with other value chain actors.

We improve access to finance by building the capacity of financial institutions to broaden their client base using an inclusive approach to designing, marketing, and delivering financial products and services to underserved populations. We strengthen the demand for these products and services by increasing consumer awareness through our tailored financial literacy training. 

We build the capacity of local institutions and multinational companies to design and deliver technical and work readiness training that equips youth, women, and vulnerable populations with employable skills and addresses the mismatch between existing training offerings and employers’ labor needs. By engaging the private sector to inform our curriculum development process, we bridge the gap between education and employment and ensure that the skills of the workforce respond to the demands of the market.


We harness demand-driven knowledge and promote application of learning for better program design, implementation, and evaluation of programs, leading to increased impact. We identify knowledge gaps, capture and analyze information, and package and disseminate lessons learned to the right audiences by identifying research and evaluation questions; determining methodologies for sampling and data collection; creating data collection instruments for collecting and storing data; conducting data analysis; and finding innovative ways for reporting actionable findings.