Pilot Financial Literacy Project for Adolescent Girls



Save the Children (AmeriCares)



Project Overview

Making Cents International developed a Financial Literacy curriculum for vulnerable adolescent girls in Leogane and Jacmel that focused on fundamental financial literacy, including cash flow, budgeting, savings, and use of credit. We interviewed adolescent girls to determine key concepts and provide contextualization of activities designed for the curriculum. Our interactive curriculum used hands-on exercises and peer-to-peer mentoring within small groups to help the girls develop practical skills and increase their confidence. We developed a training-of-trainers (TOT) for ten local organizations from the Haiti Adolescent Girls Network (HAGN) and a TOT for local mentors, in addition to a follow-up refresher training that incorporated feedback and lessons learned during implementation. Two hundred girls between the ages of 10-17 were then trained in cash management and financial services. We developed a measurement tool for members of the HAGN to be able to track ongoing success from the use of the material locally. Together with Brac and Fonkoze, we also contributed to the network by building access to financial services and developing entrepreneurship skills of young women.