Our Mission, Values, and Approach

Fostering Human Potential. Promoting Economic Opportunity.

Everyone has potential and can achieve extraordinary things, given the opportunity. For Making Cents International, fostering this potential and promoting opportunities for people around the globe is what motivates us and our work.


As a results-driven organization founded on the principles of social entrepreneurship, Making Cents uses market-based approaches to promote economic opportunities for people in the developing world. We design and deliver high-impact programs that support those most in need – from young leaders who shape our communities and smallholder farmers who feed our planet, to aspiring women entrepreneurs and refugees seeking to rebuild their lives. By improving the knowledge and skills of local organizations who serve these groups, we are creating more supportive local and global ecosystems where all people can reach their full potential.

We also want to learn and share how initiatives of our clients and partners, as well as our own programs, change people’s lives, and how we can collaborate to make our work more impactful. To that end, we have created the demand-driven Youth Economic Opportunities Network (YEO Network) and annual Global Youth Economic Opportunities Summit as dynamic learning spaces offering knowledge and best practices to development practitioners, donors, companies, and academics to help improve their YEO programs, policies, and partnerships.


Since 1999, we have been a trusted partner to public- and private-sector clients. We are excited to co-create innovative solutions with organizations who seek real and lasting change in the world. We look forward to hearing from you about how we can work together for a future where all people can learn, earn, and thrive!

Our Values

  • Excellence – we produce high-quality, practical products and services

  • Innovation – we are creative, take risks, and continuously strive to improve our practice to move beyond the status quo

  • Collaboration – we succeed when we work together for a common purpose

  • Learning – we continuously gain and apply knowledge from others and from our own experience

  • Agility – we are flexible, changing methods and adapting systems to meet evolving needs

  • Respect – we value and seek to understand the perspectives of our beneficiaries, clients, and partners

  • Integrity – we operate and engage others in an honest and trustworthy manner


Click here for our Code of Business Ethics and Conduct.

Our Approach

We link learning to actionto create lasting change.