Microenterprise Development Initiative (MEDI)



Chemonics International (USAID)



Project Overview

The objective of MEDI was to provide microenterprises, especially those owned by women and the working poor, with greater and reliable access to sustainable financial and business services. Making Cents undertook several initiatives to this end, including the development of an entrepreneur roadmap that detailed the steps necessary to start and operate a business in the formal sector in Armenia.  The map was intended to remove much of the ambiguity and confusion surrounding the registration and licensing process that prevented many from entering the formal private sector. The information was presented in both a graphic (map) and narrative (booklet) format. We also assisted the MEDI staff to develop survey tools to assess the current micro and small enterprise demand and supply for BDS.  We adapted our skills capacity training curriculum to the Armenian context, translated in into Armenian, and led TOTs to build the capacity of local service providers to offer this training for small entrepreneurs and microentrepreneurs. We also offered courses to service providers on how to strengthen and grow their own consulting firms though improved marketing, project management, and operational management skills.