Learning Network Facilitation



Mission Support


The Rockefeller Foundation




There is an absence of a sustainable network of African organizations that offer demand-driven training for digital jobs and job placement to disadvantaged, high-potential youth. These organizations lack space to share tools and methods for addressing their common problems and for responding to opportunities of mutual interest.


Under a grant from The Rockefeller Foundation, Making Cents formed and facilitated a strong, demand-driven network of the Foundation’s Digital Jobs Africa (DJA) grantees and partners and strengthened their capacity to achieve scale and realize DJA goals. Over the one-year grant period, we built trust and social capital among 15 diverse organizations across Africa that offer digital training and job placement for poor or vulnerable youth: Education for Employment (Egypt); Digital Opportunity Trust Canada (Ghana); Paradigm Initiative for Information Technology Development Nigeria (Nigeria); BPeSA, Careerbox, EOH, Harambee Youth Employment Accelerator, Impact Sourcing Academy, and Mantec (South Africa); and Afroes Company, CloudFactory, Digital Divide Data, HomeBoyz Foundation,  Samasource, and African Centre for Women, Information, and Communications Technology (Kenya).   


Among our significant achievements, we:


  • analyzed the strengths, weaknesses, and resources of member organizations and identified shared challenges and priorities

  • elicited consensus from network members on their greatest need: the ability to apply technology and standardized processes to screen large numbers of disadvantaged youth, thus reserving high-touch, one-on-one approaches for candidates with the highest potential

  • launched a “Screen for Success” initiative to facilitate the identification and sharing of best-in-class screening practices, tools, and information, including standardized processes, operating procedures, training materials, and upfront investments in technological solutions, such as access to psychometric testing

  • fostered the transfer of knowledge and skills, uptake of best-in-class practices, and connectivity by convening and facilitating in-person Knowledge-Sharing & Networking workshops and disseminating resources highly valued by network members and offering one-on-one consultations to each network members to address their specific needs