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Key gaps in service delivery are causing economic hardship in Malawi. There is no sustainable method for Malawians to enter the job market, and a large proportion of the population is underemployed.


Making Cents International collaborated closely with the client to recommend a strategy for the provision of holistic services that reach deeper into under-served markets and create opportunities for the unemployed to enter the job market.


In order to meet our goal, Making Cents conducted a labor market analysis that synthesized labor market and industry research in Malawi, which included information on current and near future job opportunities (key gaps between job openings and qualified worker availability); SME opportunities (sectors, locations, and/or business models that offer good prospects for growth and job creation); and labor force trends (who is most in need of jobs, and what are the key barriers they face).


Making Cents also conducted a workforce development landscape analysis and gaps study that examined the activities of workforce development organizations and described who is providing what service in what geographical location. This included the analysis of the key gaps in service delivery in terms of type of service needed for demand-driven skills development and the populations most under-served.


Based on the analysis of data gathered from the labor market and workforce development research, Making Cents developed a strategy that relied on global best practices and leveraged the client's core capacity and existing plans in the context of the Malawi market.