Gender Integration


Making Cents International understands that women are key actors in improving household livelihoods and industry competitiveness. Active economic participation of both women and men enables societies to grow and achieve results across economic and social indicators. “Inclusion” is not an all-or-nothing proposition; it usually evolves over time along a continuum that ranges from exclusion to full inclusion.


Making Cents engages both women and men in program design and implementation, while providing safe learning environments where both genders feel valued and respected. We build the capacity of local partners to sustain this approach and develop realistic and relevant gender-inclusive programs.


We apply our expertise in gender integration to a wide range of activities:


  • We develop gender-inclusion strategies. We work with partners to develop strategies that engage women and men in designing, planning, rolling out, implementing, and assessing programs and activities.

  • We engage both women and men in value chains. Our technical assistance and trainings help women and men to identify and implement systematic practices and tools that allow them to access and benefit from value-chain opportunities that match their skills and interests.

  • We support women-owned and women-operated businesses. Our technical and capacity-building services support the entrepreneurial ecosystem for women-owned and women-operated businesses, including by building local capacity to develop and sustain demand-driven services that meet their needs.

  • We empower adolescent girls. Through specially designed activities and capacity building tools, we create the content and environment for adolescent girls to develop the skills and self-confidence to engage their parents on critical decisions affecting their education or health, begin building financial assets, and start small businesses.