Fostering Interventions for Rapid Market Advancement (FIRMA)



Cardno Emerging Markets (USAID)


Bosnia and Herzegovina

Project Overview

Making Cents supported the development, expansion, and marketing of the Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH)'s crafts value chain by working with the enterprises in that sector to increase their competitiveness in the process of advancing BiH’s ability to meet the Copenhagen Economic Criteria for accession to the European Union. We worked with women, persons with disabilities, and Roma youth-owned artisan enterprises to identify types of craft products in BiH that are - or have the potential to become - commercially viable, specifically crafts made of wood, metal, leather, gold and silver, and textiles. We mapped production quality and safety standards and certifications required for global export markets and worked with MSME owners to identify product quality gaps, define improvement, and design quality improvement action plans by applying both systematic product quality assurance and quick-fix approaches. Our trainings focused on building the skills of local MSME owners to strengthen the extent of their application of international standards. Our role culminated with a launch of industry-specific training in quality system enhancement, product design, quality function deployment, lean production, profit/loss and ROI product calculation, purchasing, sales, and marketing.