Economic Recovery and Development Program



International Rescue Committee




There is a lack of income generation opportunities for Syrian refugees and local populations living in urban areas of Jordan, especially women and girls. Women and girls have limited financial skills to managing their home-based businesses.


Making Cents International supported IRC’s expansion of financial education and entrepreneurship training for Syrians and Jordanians, with special attention to women and youth most affected by the Syrian refugee crisis. In 2015, we worked in northern Jordan, using a collaborative and rigorous process to develop curricular and training materials that meet the program’s unique needs, including those related to women’s protection, increased levels of mobility, and the complex work and legal environment.

In 2016, Making Cents further adapted this approach to broaden the engagement of all youth in these target areas. Making Cents facilitated a five-day Training of Trainers (TOT) course for 15 staff and trainers from IRC Jordan and their local partners on the Preparing Youth for the World of Business (PYB) curriculum, adapted by Making Cents for IRC Jordan. The TOT workshop included both theoretical and practical learning activities. Participants in the TOT had the opportunity to gain knowledge on the key learning approaches upon which the PYB curriculum is built, including advising and applied learning. By the end of the training, the trainers had attained the necessary skill level to adequately deliver the PYB curriculum to the target youth beneficiaries. IRC has delivered the curriculum to over 300 refugees in Jordan and 450 refugees and IDPs in Iraq. The training has since expanded to refugees and IDPs in Lebanon and Syria.