Dyna Entreprises Senegalaises (DES): Support the Small-Scale Private Sector in Senegal


Practice Areas and Services

Chemonics International (USAID)



Project Overview

The goal of the DES project was to achieve sustainable increases in private sector income-generating activities in selected sectors in Senegal. Making Cents worked to develop and expand the capacity of a broad range of organizations to offer basic business training to the existing micro and small entrepreneurs they serve as well as to encourage future entrepreneurs.  We trained approximately 650 individuals from local organizations, including business associations, financial institutions, consulting firms, NGOs, women’s associations, training centers, and government agencies as well as individuals from international NGOs and local Peace Corps counterparts. Their beneficiaries included urban and peri-urban low-income women in microfinance and literacy programs, members of the national traders’ credit union, micro and small businessmen and women operating manufacturing, trading, retail, and service businesses, young women in technical colleges and skills training programs, and out-of-school youth.