Small Business Credit and Assistance Program (SBCA)


Practice Areas and Services

Chemonics International (USAID)



Project Overview

The SBCA program provided direct business financing and guarantees and one-on-one advice and technical assistance to credible Albanian small enterprises. Making Cents developed a tailored curriculum and training to expand and upgrade the capacity of national Regional Development Agencies (RDAs) to offer business development services to entrepreneurs. The RDAs operated for many years through donor funding and were able to offer programs and training courses at no cost to the beneficiaries. With decreased funding from donor agencies, the RDAs needed to transform into sustainable businesses.  In line with the specific objectives of this project, Making Cents worked to upgrade the quality of the training curriculum and training methodology used by the RDAs to create a demand for training services which entrepreneurs are willing to pay, sensitized the RDA Managers to the effectiveness of experiential learning methodology, and expanded their entrepreneurial thinking about how to offer services to entrepreneurs in a financially sustainable manner.