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December 2011

December 1, 2011: Conversations that Build and Strengthen Youth Economic Opportunities Field

On December 1, 2011, Making Cents hosted Michael Chertok, co-founder and Chief Development Officer of Digital Divide Data (DDD), and Souphalak Souksavath, CFO of DDD in Laos, for an in-depth look at how the DDD model has provided employment in a sustainable way over the past 10 years to hundreds of marginalized and disadvantaged young people in Cambodia, Laos and Kenya. Participants walked away with transferable lessons learned, tips for your youth employment and entrepreneurship programs, and innovative ideas for addressing youth employment challenges in various contexts around the world. Weren´t able to attend? Read notes from the discussion, or watch the entire event from start to finish. You can also read tweets sent live during the event. Thanks to all who participated!

November 2011

November 21, 2011: Making Cents President a Featured Speaker at Sanabel Workshop in Cairo, Egypt

During the November Sanabel Workshop, Revolutions and Uprisings in the Arab World: Managing the Crisis and Planning for the Future, Making Cents President, Timothy H. Nourse drew upon his extensive experience in microfinance in the Middle East and delivered a presentation about the importance of contingency planning. The Workshop--a first for Sanabel--was a response to members´ needs to discuss the current situation in the Microfinance sector in the MENA region, and how to plan for the future.  Click here to learn more about the workshop.

October 2011

October 2011: Video Interviews, Photos, and Resource Tools Now Available from Making Cents' Global Youth Economic Opportunities Conference

This year´s 5th anniversary conference convened more than 400 participants from 51 countries.  Be among the first to view videos, photos and resource tools from the event:

  • Click here to view interviews from conference participants, including Making Cents Founder & CEO, Fiona Macaulay, and USAID Deputy Administrator, Ambassador Donald Steinberg.

  • Visit Microlinks to see the latest conference photos.

  • Click here to download free resources from the conference´s Youth Financial Services and Financial Capabilities track.

  • View conference tweets captured on the SEEP Network blog, and from @MakingCentsIntl.



October 2011: Youth-Inclusive Financial Services Linkage (YFS-Link) Program Course Offerings

Explore the financial services sector through a youth-inclusive lens via Making Cents' upcoming 2011 Youth-Inclusive Financial Services Linkage (YFS-Link) Program offerings:

  • Training: Making a Case for YFS. Inter-American Forum on Microenterprise (Foromic), IDB, San Jose, Costa Rica. Oct 10-12 (Spanish).

  • Training: Making a Case for YFS; Panel: Microfinance-Plus to Cultivating Young Clients.Global Microcredit Summit, Valladolid, Spain Nov 14-17.


Click here for more information.

September 2011

September 7-9, 2011: Making Cents' 5th Annual Global Youth Economic Opportunities Conference in Washington, DC

The Global Youth Economic Opportunities Conference provides a learning platform for the world's leading professionals working to increase and improve economic opportunities for young people. This year's theme, Breakthroughs, reflects our 5th anniversary focus on the innovative ideas, proven practices, and visionary insights that are taking our emerging field to new heights. The five focus areas are: Workforce Development, Financial Services and Capabilities, Enterprise Development, Adolescent Girls and Young Women, and Monitoring, Evaluation and Impact Assessment.


Join 400 participants from over 60 countries to share lessons learned, promising practices, and innovative ideas by registering today. Click here to register and view the program agenda here. For a list of 2010 participants, click here



September 1, 2011: "Financial Inclusion for Youth: Reaching the Next Generation" After Hours Seminar

This After Hours Seminar will highlight promising practices from BRAC's integrated approach towards empowering youth in Bangladesh and Sub-Saharan Africa, learning from SEEP's Practitioner Learning Program (PLP) on Reaching Scale in Youth Financial Services, and Making Cents' approach to creating practical tools and resources for developing quality financial services for the next generation. For more information, click here.

June 2011

June 2011: Youth-Inclusive Financial Services Linkage (YFS-Link) Program Course Offerings

Explore the financial services sector through a youth-inclusive lens via Making Cents' summer 2011 Youth-Inclusive Financial Services Linkage (YFS-Link) Program training in Accra, Ghana. The training takes place from June 27 through July 8 and will include the following courses:

  • Sound Practices Course 

  • Market Research with Youth  

  • Adapting and Developing Financial Services for Young People 

  • Partnering for Improved Service Delivery with Young People

  • Staffing for Improved Service Delivery with Young People

For more information on the training, visit the YFS-Link Course Description site.

April 2011

April 2011: Making Cents Participated in the Second China-US Foundation Leaders Exchange Program.

In April, 14 delegation members from Chinese foundations visited with nearly 20 foundations and non-profit organizations around the US. Making Cents International was one of the participating organizations, along with Innovations in Civic Participation, Ashoka Foundation, Harvard Business and Kennedy Schools, the Center for Effective Philanthropy, The David and Lucile Packard Foundation, and The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, among others. The objective of the Second China-US Foundation Leaders Exchange Program sponsored by Mercy Corps China and China Foundation Center was to introduce delegates to the new trends in the development of effective philanthropy in the US.



April 14, 2011: Making Cents President Leads Conversation on Youth Empowerment and ICT at TechSalon 

Making Cents' President and Founder, Fiona Macaulay, helped lead a conversation about technology and youth economic empowerment during an April 14 TechSalon, hosted by ICT Works and the UN Foundation Technology Partnership. The salon explored three key questions:

  • How are youth around the world getting jobs or starting businesses?

  • What ways are organizations using technology to reach young people?

  • Where should there be caution or enthusiasm about technology and its effect on youths' economic empowerment? 

Click here to read co-moderator Linda Raftree's thoughts about the TechSalon, expressed on her blog in the Christian Science Monitor. For more information about the TechSalon, visit this site.

March 2011

March 31, 2011: Making Cents to discuss Entrepreneurship and Young Business Leaders during George Washington University Symposium

On March 31, Making Cents engaged in a discussion about the important issues facing young entrepreneurs as a featured panelist at the George Washington University School of Business Conference, "Crossroads: The Interplay of Business, Government, and the Global Economy." The university invited Making Cents to participate, and Making Cents´ Manager of Partnership Development and Communications, Stephanie Chen, served as the guest speaker. For more information about the conference, click here.



March 26-April 1, 2011: Global Entrepreneurship Week Planning Meetings in China

Whitney Harrelson, Making Cents' Associate Director of Youth Enterprise & Livelihoods Development, participated in planning meetings for Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) 2011 in Shanghai, China. Making Cents is pleased to be a partner of GEW, which is an initiative of the Kauffman Foundation. Each November during GEW, host organizations within each country coordinate a network of partners to run events that inspire and challenge both aspiring and existing entrepreneurs. For more information, please visit:



March 2011: Making Cents a Top Finalist in the Knowledge Management Impact Challenge

In March, Making Cents´ knowledge exchange and partnership building work was selected as a top finalist in the USAID-sponsored Knowledge Management Impact Challenge. The Challenge is a collaborative learning process that aims to accelerate knowledge exchange around shared challenges and approaches in order to assess the impact of investments in knowledge management and learning. To that end, entrants were asked to submit case studies that highlighted their experience assessing their knowledge management activities. Making Cents´ submission, "Measuring the Impact of Learning Events and Publications," focused on Making Cents´ annual Global Youth Economic Opportunities conference and "State of the Field" publications. Click here to read the case study or to download a copy. Click here to watch presentations and other conference materials. 



March 24, 2011: Making Cents' President Spoke at Youth Day during the 2011 IDB Annual Meeting in Calgary, Canada

Making Cents´ President and Founder, Fiona Macaulay, joined a distinguished panel during the IDB Board of Governors´ meeting in Calgary to engage in a lively debate and share their perspectives on how to effectively address the employment and financial needs of young people. The panel was entitled "Good Jobs Wanted: Employment and Entrepreneurship for Economic Growth" and other panelists included Julie Katzman, Executive Vice President, IDB; Akhtar Badshah, Senior Director, Microsoft Global Community Affairs; and Janet Longmore, President and CEO of Ottawa-based Digital Opportunity Trust, Canada. The panel was moderated by Elena Suarez, Chief, Development Communication and IDB Youth, IDB. Click here for more information.



March 2011: Youth-Inclusive Financial Services Linkage (YFS-Link) Program Course Offerings

Explore the financial services sector through a youth-inclusive lens via Making Cents' March 2011 Youth-Inclusive Financial Services Linkage (YFS-Link) Program trainings:

  • Market Research and Product Development for Young Clients
    March 21 - March 25, 2011 Lucknow, India 

  • Market Research and Product Development for Young Clients (Spanish) 
    March 21 - March 25, 2011 La Paz, Bolivia

  • Market Research and Product Development for Young Clients (with supplemental Training of Trainers workshop) 
    March 22 - March 31, 2011 Bali, Indonesia

  • Making A Case for Youth-Inclusive Financial Services 
    March 30, 2011 Washington DC, USA


For more information on these courses, visit the YFS-Link Course Description site .



March 7-8, 2011: ChildFinance Education Working Group Meeting in Paris, France

As a member of the ChildFinance Education Working Group co-chaired by OECD and UNICEF, Making Cents participated in the second ChildFinance Education meeting in Paris to help finalize the ChildFinance core curriculum content framework that will provide the basis for work in child social and financial education (CSFE) for members of the ChildFinance movement. The meeting also created the blueprint for the establishment of a curriculum assessment committee and evaluation criteria for CSFE programs in the field. Key stakeholders in CSFE worldwide meet regularly to work towards the overall goal of the ChildFinance Education Workstream - to ensure 100 million children are educated to be socially empowered and financially capable citizens by 2020 and have access to appropriate financial products and services. 

February 2011

February 23, 2011: "Conversations" on High-Growth Youth Entrepreneurship with the Kauffman Foundation

On Wednesday, February 23, Making Cents hosted Jonathan Ortmans, Senior Fellow at the Kauffman Foundation and President of Global Entrepreneurship Week, for an in-depth discussion at what it takes to support young people to become high-growth entrepreneurs. This event was to engage participants in a new way of thinking, challenge traditional mindsets, and explore approaches that are sparking growth and development in the United States and around the world. 


This event was part of Making Cents' "Conversations that Build & Strengthen the Youth Enterprise & Livelihoods Development Field" series. Making Cents regularly hosts these DC-based learning events to provide a safe space for an honest dialogue around pressing questions, field-tested tools and innovative approaches for increasing and improving economic opportunities for young people. The dialogues are designed to be informal and practical so participants will walk away with concrete information that can inform their programming, policymaking, and partnership building. 



February 17, 2011: Making Cents President addresses Global Trends in Youth Entrepreneurship Education at Education Summit

Making Cents Founder and President, Fiona Macaulay, was a featured guest panelist at the Future of Entrepreneurship Education Summit. In her remarks, titled, "2020 Global Vision for Entrepreneurship Education", Ms. Macaulay outlined key strategies toward achieving that vision. The Future of Entrepreneurship Education Summit convened many of country´s top leaders in entrepreneurship education in order to discuss thoughts on cutting-edge practices and the future of the field. The event was sponsored by Extreme Entrepreneurship Education and took place on the University of Central Florida campus.  Click here to watch a video of the presentation. 



February 4, 2011: New YFS Resource in Enterprise Development & Microfinance

Making Cents wrote an article, "Emerging Guidelines for Linking Youth to Financial Services," in the most recent Enterprise Development & Microfinance (December 2010). The article explores how access to appropriate financial services can play a critical role in enabling young people to navigate the challenges and opportunities they face, regardless of their employment or educational status.  To download a copy, please click here. 



Making Cents' Membership in Coalition for Adolescent Girls

Making Cents is pleased to be a partner organization to the Coalition for Adolescent Girls, which is a group of organizations committed to creating lasting change for communities in the developing world by driving investments to adolescent girls. Founded by the United Nations Foundation and the Nike Foundation in 2005, the Coalition has been joined by more than 30 leading international organizations, including its founding members, International Center for Research on Women, the Population Council and the International Women's Health Coalition. This public-private partnership brings fresh perspectives, diverse resources and concrete solutions to the challenges facing adolescent girls in developing countries. For more information, please visit:



Making Cents' Membership in Alliance for International Youth Development

Making Cents is pleased to be a member of the new Alliance for International Youth Development, which promotes effective policies and programs and also advocates for resources that support youth worldwide. Making Cents is on the Steering Committee, a co-chair of the Advocacy Committee, and also an active member of the Effective Practices Committee. More than 25 organizations have thus far joined this exciting new initiative. 

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